General Auditions

General Auditions:

Typically, The Marriott Theatre holds two General Auditions a year. They are usually held sometime in the Spring, as well as in the Fall. These General Auditions are an open call to audition for the Marriott Theatre, which means anyone over the age of 18 is more than welcome to audition. Once a date has been decided on, these auditions are posted on this website as well as in PerformInk and all the local newspapers. Usually, the auditions require two contrasting 16 bar pieces. Should there be any specific requests, they would be posted in the audition notice. If you have never been seen before, or are interested in being seen for the season as a whole, attending the General Auditions is by far the best route to being hired. We are happy to see anyone, even those who have auditioned in the past, but we do ask that if you have been seen in the past six months to not audition.

General Dance Call:

Very near the same time as the General Auditions, we also have an Open Dance Call. These are for anyone interested in being seen primarily as a dancer. If you are primarily a singer, you should first attend the General Auditions. If you are primarily a dancer, you should only attend the Open Dance Call. The Dance Call usually consists of simply learning various routines in a limited amount of time, and then performing those routines as though in performance. Often, a Dance Call will also include singing two sets of 16 bars. This varies, of course, depending on the season and the needs of the Theatre at the time of the audition. These audition notices are also posted on the website and in the local papers and PerformInk.

Headshots and Resumes:

Though auditioning for the Marriott Theatre at one of the open auditions is the best way to be seen, sending in a headshot and resume is another excellent way to be considered for shows. We typically decide on callbacks from those that auditioned at Generals, as well as from Headshots and Resumes that we have on file. Artistic Directors and Directors often sift through viable headshots when crafting a callback list. If you are interested in performing on our stage, you should submit a headshot and resume ASAP to:

The Marriott Theatre
Peter Marston Sullivan, Artistic Associate
10 Marriott Drive
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Email to Peter Sullivan

Children Auditions:

The question most asked at the Marriott Theatre is with regard to children performing in shows. We do often have children, or those under the age of 18, in shows here at the Marriott Theatre. We audition those children much in the same was as listed above for adult performers, except we rarely have open calls for younger performers. After deciding what shows require young performers, the Artistic Directors and Directors sift through the headshots and resumes to see what children fit the age range, look, and experience required for the roles in question. For this reason, to have your child in consideration, you must have a picture and resume on file at the theater (please send to the address previously listed). Though we do sometimes have open auditions for young performers, this is a very rare occurrence, and almost always do a callback audition from the pictures and résumés on file.

Children Headshots and Resumes:

Because so many parents are interested in having their children audition, let me explain what should be included in a picture and resume for a young actor. The picture does not need to be professional. Any recent picture, preferably 8 x 10, is acceptable. Keeping this picture up-to-date with us is critical, as children grow and age rapidly, it is important that we see what they look like now, and not several years ago. The resume should include the following information: Name, age, all experience with acting, all experience with singing, any special awards or recommendations, as well as parent names and contact information. Again, please send this to the above address, and keep it up to date (every 6 months to a year is recommended).

All Other Questions

Email Peter Sullivan